about me

I was standing inside a nobori gama in Bizen, Japan. I was there quite by accident. That was the first time I touched clay.

On return to the UK I learnt with the Portuguese craft potter Jose Cavallho, who is a master of volcanic glazes and who had a profound effect on my decorative styles. I bounce between clean modern designs and volcanic works, though most of what is presented here are my functional pieces which are designed to be beautiful, every day objects. 

An early experience living in Chile, and a later one living in Japan, both shaped the aesthetic ideals I am chasing in my work, but what motivates me to continue in my craft more than anything is the desire to share beautiful objects that can be enjoyed every day.

The Foot

My maker's mark is a 3d foot and a lot of people ask me why. The carved base of a pot is called a foot ring, and the tool I use to mark my pots is a signet ring with a foot on made by the artist Jack Stephenson.


Studio 16 

Vintage Gift Gallery | Wareham | Dorset 

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